The following is a partial list of services McNeil & Sons provide:

  • Ceiling And Wall Cleaning

  • Exhaust System Cleaning

  • Steam Cleaning

  • Grease Exhaust System Cleaning

  • Kitchen Hood Cleaning

  • Commercial Oven Cleaning

  • Industrial Duct System Cleaning

  • Ansul System Inspections and Service

  • Exhaust Fan Parts and Maintenance 

  • Filter Parts


Hood Cleaning

A commercial kitchen, whether it’s in a restaurant, cafe, club, or hotel, can sometimes look clean when it’s not.
You know that health Inspection or a Fire Inspection could happen at any time. Is your commercial kitchen and your exhaust ducting systems clean enough to pass? If your staff are following a suitable standard restaurant kitchen cleaning
schedule, then your commercial kitchen should look clean But, your staff can only clean what they can see. 

Most of the real health and fire issues can’t be seen. It’s the build-up of grease, fat and oil that ends up inside your exhaust system that's the real problem.

McNeil & Sons offers professional, specialized restaurant hood cleaning service for commercial kitchen restaurants, hotels, schools, hospitals and cafeterias throughout Lafayette, Orinda, Moraga, Walnut Creek, Danville, San Ramon, Alamo, Pleasant Hill, Concord, Berkeley and Oakland

We provide kitchen exhaust system cleaning in accordance with NFPA 96 fire codes and in compliance with  fire departments. Additionally, our restaurant hood cleaning services will satisfy insurance company requirements for required periodic cleaning of the kitchen exhaust system & ventilation hoods.

We are available for scheduled maintenance and emergency service. We schedule service at a time convenient to you, never interrupting your operation.

McNeil & Sons separates itself from the competition by inspecting and cleaning the entire system beyond the hood. Our restaurant hood cleaning service ALWAYS includes the fan(s) on the roof, all accessible duct from the roof to the kitchen exhaust hood, the interior and exterior of the exhaust hood,  and the grease baffle filters.


Keeping Costs Low

So, We're sure you’d like to know up front, what it costs to get your restaurants hood and exhaust system cleaned.  But because of the different types of hood systems, and the possibility of dealing with older kitchen hoods that have not been maintained well, pricing without inspecting would be crazy.  We really need to see the project to give you a fair and fairly accurate estimate.  There’s probably some hood cleaning franchise out there that gives a flat rate estimate and the set price could be just enough to get the job, but not enough to encourage a good job.  We don’t want to be those guys.  We want to be the restaurant hood cleaning business that you call time and time again because you know that we do excellent work at a fair price. 

We clean the hood ventilation system from stove top to rooftop.  We have the gear and the expertise to get every nook and cranny in-between.  Don’t ever fail a fire or health inspection because of hood grease.  We will get it all.

In an average kitchen, we can get in, get setup, and do the complete cleaning in about 4 hours.  This depends on access to the duct work though.  If you don’t have proper access panels, it can take longer, but we’ll still get it done. 
Once the cleaning is done, we do a final inspection.  We look at your hood system with the scrutiny of a fire marshal.  When we are confident that we have given you a superb kitchen hood cleaning certification, we then roll up our stuff and let you get back to work.  At this time, we will also report to you anything that we took note of that could be an issue for you.  Nothing left for you to do – but jump back in under your spectacular shiny hood!

Using the right chemicals is very very important.  Cutting through grease is not rocket science, but keeping your employees and clientele safe is more important than rocket science.

Our hood cleaning chemicals clean the grease and grime that you would expect during a thorough kitchen exhaust hood cleaning, but they take it a step further by attaching itself to the target compounds and embeds itself deep in the molecular structure.  This allows it to totally transform the compound and remove its ability to cling to surfaces.  This gives our restaurant hood cleaning chemicals the strength to get the job done right.

We report our findings to you plus any items that must be corrected to comply with codes and any suggestions we have for maintaining your system at peak efficiency. Our report provides verification that the work performed followed standardized procedures for ensuring that the cleaning process meets or exceeds all provisions of the NFPA 96 code, fire and health department regulations, insurance company requirements and all applicable federal state and local laws.

You could analyze hood cleaning companies  until you’re old and gray.  Or, you can call us and talk it over.  Because we want to find out about you.  One of the great things about running a successful restaurant hood cleaning service is that we get to help awesome people to keep fantastic kitchens running well, but also, we get to meet so many awesome people.  And truly, when it comes right down to it, we care about the people.  So, try us out.  We're sure that you’ll like us as much as we like you.

Let McNeil & Sons thoroughly inspect and clean your Kitchen Exhaust System including:

  • Fan

  • Duct Work

  • Plenum

  • Hood

  • Filter


Recommended frequencies:


30 Days

  •  Wood or charcoal grills
  •  Char-broilers
  •  Restaurants open 24/7
  •  Some hamburger restaurants

60 Days

  •  Average restaurants
  •  Cafeterias
  •  Hotel kitchens
  •  Hospital kitchens

90 Days

  •  Hamburger restaurants
  •  Fast-food locations

120 Days

  •  Pizza parlors
  •  Convalescent hospitals
  •  Snack bars
  •  Oven hoods